When some of our team members were growing up, they participated in “Take Your Child to Work Day.” It was the one day a year they could go with mom or dad to the office to see what the working world is all about. While this date still exists (the fourth Thursday in April, in case you’re wondering), at Engineering Solutions, we’re proud to say that children at the office aren’t relegated to one day. When life throws a curveball, we know family responsibilities take priority, and oftentimes we could use an extra set of hands!

This summer, Tom’s 12-year-old son acted as our Charlottesville “intern” for a couple days. He went on a site visit and did some exploratory demo in Richmond. He also took notes and helped with measurements.

Tom, who has been the Director of Structural Engineering in our Charlottesville office for three years, said that the work/life balance at Engineering Solutions is a big reason why he took this job in the first place. Tom’s commute is now a third of what it used to be when he lived near a major city, and two of our team members walk to work. It’s as easy to get to work as it is to get to Shenandoah National Park, which means when we’re not at work, a lot of team members enjoy hiking, kayaking, relaxing and recharging in the beautiful outdoors. Not only are family responsibilities prioritized, but there’s also more time for family and other interests because of the great location of our offices.

Taking your kids to work one day a year is great, but incorporating family and well rounded interests into a balanced work/lifestyle year-round is our goal.

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