Broad Porch Coffee

(Harrisonburg, VA)

One of our contractor friends was called upon to renovate a commercial building in downtown Harrisonburg.  The space was due a facelift and an upgrade of the mechanical systems.  Installing a new rooftop HVAC unit meant the bar joists must be checked.  Engineering Solutions gathered field measurements of the joists and submitted them to Steel Joist Institute for a joist designation.  With the joist designation in hand and a historical joist load table, we determined the joists are not adequate for the new load.  No surprise there.  Most buildings of this age are not up for added load.  We worked with the contractor and designed a plan using channel reinforcing to make sure the unit stays put and those relaxing in the new coffee shop don’t need to think about structural matters.  Unless they want to chat with a structural engineer, then by all means invite one of our engineers out for a cup o’ joe!

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