P Bradley & Sons Renovation

(Harrisonburg, VA)

Engineering Solutions is currently wrapping up the final site visits and design as the Foundry project in Harrisonburg nears completion.  When completed, the project will have 21 residential housing units.  This renovation is a great improvement to the site as these buildings have been vacant and vandalized for several years.   This is a tax credit project that involves a historic multi-building project in downtown Harrisonburg.  In 1867, after the civil war, Philo Bradley (P Bradley & Sons) rounded up 20 construction workers and completed construction of several buildings on this site including those shown here.  The one shown here is the original building.  Other buildings on this site were completed between 1867 and 1913 and are part of this renovation project.  P Bradley & Sons was foundry that made over 5 million plowshares (cutting edge of the plow).  
The project keeps the masonry walls, the large timber trusses and much of the original roof framing.  By partnering with the owner, Engineering Solutions was able to provide structural engineering services as covered areas were exposed.  The metal stairs provide a simple means of egress for the second floor areas.

Information in this post was gathered from the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment completed by Lyle Silka at Jeffrey A Sitler Environmental Services and the Daily News Record.

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