Walk into the Harrisonburg office of Engineering Solutions on any morning and you will be greeted by some of our friendliest (and furriest) staff: Scout, Stormy, and Edelweiss. These three team members are very dedicated to the company, spending all of their time at the office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While their work ethic is admirable, they have fun-loving sides as well.

Scout can always be counted on to waddle around the office and start conversations with anyone. He has a charismatic personality that aids him in making friends with anyone he meets. Of all the kittengineers, Scout loves doing the math the most, counting the head-rubs-per-loud-purr ratio that he can maximize out of our staff per minute spent on their laps.

Edelweiss is the office cheerleader. She loves to visit every desk for a daily check-up, flashing her friendly green-eyed face to everyone and encouraging them to keep up the good work. Then she trots off to the next desk, making sure everyone gets their share of Edelweiss. She doesn’t play favorites. She welcomes everyone before settling herself on a table to supervise.

Stormy is a bit more serious about his work. He tends to keep to himself, burying his whiskers in his work all day long. While he makes the occasional appearance around the water cooler, he can more often than not be found doing equations solo, like a true kittengineer.

Together, these three feline engineers are part of the core team at Engineering Solutions. They stand for teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. Engineering Solutions values these traits in our staff, and we are happy to have such dedicated team members that exemplify these values everyday.

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