One of the best parts about our job as engineers is getting to work with people from different disciplines and various industries every day. While our tagline—“WE DO THE MATH”—is true, it takes a lot more than that to make a project successful. We prioritize open communication and collaboration with clients no matter what the project entails, from historic restorations to plant expansions.

Our new blog series The Client’s Corner will feature some of our past projects from the client’s perspective. What was it like working with structural engineers? How did the project turn out? We wanted to find out what they thought, and we’re sharing their responses in this series.

In the first edition, we talked to University of Virginia architect Benjamin Trudel to tell us about his experience working with us over the last couple years.

Tell us a little bit about what do you do and how it involves structural engineers.

Trudel: Our work consists of renovation, repair, and small new construction projects around grounds. We use engineers to analyze structural conditions and provide design solutions when we modify existing buildings or build new structures.

We’ve partnered on a number of projects with UVA. Which ones stand out to you?

Trudel: We recently completed an outdoor pavilion constructed of structural steel for the JAG School, and are currently working on an 18,000-square-foot renovation of Olsson Hall for the School of Engineering at UVA.

There are plenty of structural engineering firms. What made you choose Engineering Solutions for these projects?

Trudel: The engineers at Engineering Solutions have demonstrated the ability to meet project deadlines, work within budget, and they have experience designing projects of similar size and construction type.

Tell us more about the JAG School Pavilion. What went into that project and how did it turn out?

Trudel: Engineering Solutions designed and detailed the structural system for the Outdoor Pavilion at the JAG School using Building Information Modeling (BIM). The accuracy, thorough coordination with other disciplines, and quality of their documents resulted in no Change Orders, limited RFIs, and expedited the construction process.

Would you say it was successful?

Trudel: The client, contractor, and architect were all very pleased with the final product and with Engineering Solutions’ involvement.

Sound structures are one part of a successful project, but teamwork is another. How was your experience working with the team?

Trudel: The team at Engineering Solutions was proactive in their communication with the design/construction team and did a great job identifying potential construction issues before they were problematic.

That’s great, thanks Benjamin! Before we let you go, what’s one thing people should know before working with structural engineers?

Trudel: They are a valuable consultant whose expertise is critical to the overall success of your project.

Thank you Benjamin and UVA for kicking off our series! To check out photos of the JAG School Pavilion and learn more about this project, go here. We hope you enjoyed our first edition of The Client’s Corner. Stay tuned for more!

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