With five injured and two in the emergency room, Engineering Solutions learned just how risky downhill mountain biking can be. Earlier this week, Engineering Solutions took a trip to Bryce Resort in Mt. Jackson, Virginia to try out their popular downhill mountain biking course. The Bryce Mountain Bike Park is known for its beginner, intermediate, and advanced jump trails which are accessed by a five minute lift ride.

Several of our experienced employees breezed through the advanced courses with few injuries. However, few of our beginner bikers made it to the bottom without at least a few scratches.  Windy, bumpy, and fast is the best way to describe these trails, and there is no denying the exhilarating rush one feels when zipping around the curvy paths. But despite this excitement, it’s safe to say every rider is thankful for their full-faced helmets and full-coverage elbow and knee pads.

After two hours of riding, our team faced a full range of injuries. From cut faces to swollen ankles to scraped chests, our team was fearlessly tackling each course. However the fun came to an abrupt halt when two employees required medical attention. Within a minute, both Benjamin Griffith and Melissa Kiernan had crashed their bikes. Benjamin crashed first as he overshot a jump ramp, flipped over his handle bars, and completely separated his shoulder. Thirty seconds later, Melissa lost control of her bike, flew over a wooden bank, and landed on her side, nearly breaking her hand and injuring her hip.

After several hours in the emergency room, doctor appointments, and some rest, both employees are on the quick road to recovery. This outing did not end as expected, but this experience undoubtedly brought our company closer together as our team worked to help and support each other amidst adversity. However, next year maybe we should go fishing instead.


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