Yes, even engineers can be social sometimes. Despite popular belief, we do not spend all day on our computer’s CAD software. While that does sound like fun, we occasionally enjoy a different kind of fun too–like this past Thursday when Engineering Solutions decided to host Happy Hour in Charlottesville at Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint.

The Happy Hour event welcomed associates from the area to meet with our engineering staff while enjoying some great craft beer and food. Guests were greeted by a buffet of Jack Brown’s finest burgers, their choice of refreshing beer, and some fun conversation with our brilliant engineers. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

In attendance were some of our own structural engineers as well as representatives from local architectural firms, engineering firms, construction companies, law offices, and non-profit organizations–like the Building Goodness Foundation–just to name a few. They had the chance to check out some of our most recent engineering projects featured on a slideshow during the Happy Hour while enjoying a cold brew.

With a new office in Charlottesville that opened just last year, the social event gave our engineers the opportunity to explain what Engineering Solutions is all about to professionals in Charlottesville. The Happy Hour not only offered guests the chance to meet the team at Engineering Solutions, but also allowed any associates present to meet one another. It was a great networking event for everyone involved, with some great food and beer to go along with the conversation.

“We had a good turn out,” said Valerie Black, a structural engineer at Engineering Solution’s Charlottesville office. “We got a lot of feedback from both potential clients and old clients. We also had some people show up that we haven’t worked with yet either so that was exciting too.”

The Happy Hour also featured a T-shirt giveaway. The winner will be drawn from a pool of business cards given by those who attended the Happy Hour. Be on the lookout for the winner to be announced soon!

For more information about Engineering Solutions, contact Brian Koerner at or Tom McLaughlin at

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