By: Brian Koerner

Two years ago, we revised our code of conduct for employees to come up with five core behaviors that each team member agreed to uphold. One of these core behaviors is BE PROACTIVE. Being proactive can look like many different things on a day-to-day basis, but one of the main ways we do this is by developing partnerships with owners, contractors, architects, and other engineers long before a project emerges.  We are proactive in seeking out others who align with our company values and creating a relationship independent of any specific project. By getting to know each other before a project begins, it is a smoother transition once it comes to being on the same project team. Our lines of communication have been established and we are able to work together efficiently.

Recently, I was meeting with a client in Richmond to discuss future partnering opportunities.  One of the team members I met with held the role of Client Solutions Manager. What a great title!  Instead of the old standbys such as the Business Development Manager, Head of Marketing, or Sales Manager, the Client Solutions Manager really emphasizes the role that this team member embraces.  The more I talked with this company, the more I realized it wasn’t just a title, it really is who they are.  It is about the actions they take to foster a relationship AND to see a successful project through to the end. After our meeting, it was clear: I wanted to do business with this company in the future.  At Engineering Solutions, we surround ourselves with people and companies that like to make a positive impact in companies and in our communities and we are proactive in pursuing those relationships. 

After being in business for 15 years, Engineering Solutions’ client list is shorter than you might expect. That is because over 80% of our work comes from past clients or client referrals. We have a high retention rate because clients get to KNOW Engineering Solutions, they LIKE the work we do, and they TRUST us with their projects. That is the business model we have striven for over the last 15 years and will continue to be proactive about aspiring to in the future: Know, Like, Trust.

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