Solar energy is a hot topic as industries move toward alternative sources of power. It’s not just large industries, either – more people are installing solar systems to their homes and businesses of all sizes. In any scenario, it is important to make sure the existing structures are sufficient for additional weight imposed by the system. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is where we come in!

As structural engineers, we can help you stay on the bright side of solar energy. Our services to building owners and solar companies frequently include:

– Determining maximum allowable loads the structure can safely support by analyzing the existing structure (homes, office buildings, warehouses). A report detailing our analysis is then provided and can be issued to the building inspector and owner. Below, you can see a warehouse we analyzed to verify the capacity of the existing structure.

– Providing construction documents detailing methods to strengthen existing structures in the event that it was determined to be unsuitable for the additional load. We work to find the most cost effective solution for any modifications we design.

– Offering full structural design of standalone solar structures. Last year, we assisted with a solar canopy construction for Sun Tribe Solar, pictured below.

Solar energy systems may be on the rise now, and we have the experience and knowledge you need. If you’re considering installing solar panels to your home or business, give one of our specialized engineers a call for assistance at any of our three offices.

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