Last month, Engineering Solutions volunteered to help the Building Goodness Foundation (BGF) as they work to build their new office building in Charlottesville, VA. The Building Goodness Foundation is a non-profit organization that sends volunteers with construction backgrounds to help construct and repair health clinics, Red Cross buildings, schools, and homes across the United States and around the world.

Valerie PaintingEngineering Solutions’ owner, Brian Koerner PE, has been involved with several design projects for The Building Goodness Foundation.  BGF has worked for multiple projects in Haiti, including the construction of the Thomassin Medical Clinic and additions to a nearby volunteer residence. For these projects, Brian provided some of the initial structural engineering design, and after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Brain, along with BGF’s team of builders, architects, and engineers traveled to Haiti to evaluate the structural performance of the Thomassin Medical Clinic as well as several other buildings in the area.

Engineering Solutions has also been involved with the construction of a Red Cross clinic located in San Sebastian, El Salvador. One of Engineering Solutions’ associate engineers, Valerie Black, completed the structural engineering for this project. Overall, Engineering Solutions has donated over $25,000 in structural engineering services for projects in Haiti, El Salvador, and Virginia.

Recently the Building Goodness Foundation began constructing a new office building in downtown Charlottesville. The construction of this building is entirely volunteer-based. Therefore, BGF is always looking for individuals to help with painting, laying flooring, and carpentry. That’s exactly what Engineering Solutions’ team of twelve did as we worked alongside BGF employees to help with construction. After five hours of work, BGF had several newly painted rooms and almost an entirely wooded floor.

Engineering Solutions is an established structural and industrial engineering firm with offices in Harrisonburg and Charlottesville, VA. Providing assistance with many sized projects, Engineering Solutions can tackle any project from a residential home to large-scale building projects. Decades of combined experience makes the team one of the most respected and trusted groups in the state and continues to grow to projects outside Virginia as well as the continental United States. Engineering Solutions can provide your project with the dependable numbers needed to complete a project in a timely and cost-effective manner. For more information regarding Engineering Solutions, please contact the team at

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