We’re currently working on a project were we’ve stuck our necks out at a bit and suggested a unique structural solution – CLT. The particulars of the design aside we’ve realized that when suggesting something novel our role expands a little. In addition to nailing down the design we need to think about Cost and Lead Time issues.

Cost is something we typically shy away from commenting on but we frequently get the question. We could be better here. Just as we’re bad at asking other consultants for final drawings we’re sheepish on asking what things cost. I can remember dozens of times getting comments about the “amount of steel” or “tons of concrete” being high. When we get these comments, it should be followed up with a request to see the actual pricing. Let’s get into the habit of doing this more, regardless of any barbered comments.

Close behind cost is lead time. When asking these questions be sure to know you’re talking to a salesman so it may be best to get this information from a few different sources.


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