Restoration Services

We provide emergency response to projects after flooding, fire or impact damage. When you need immediate action, we drop everything to get the job done. We also work on a variety of restoration projects, from historical sites more than 200 years old to mountainside retaining walls.

Typical Services Include:


  • Forensic
  • Seismic retrofit
  • Fire damage
  • Impact damage
  • Foundation evaluation


  • Historic restoration
  • Retaining walls

When Disaster Strikes: The Role of a Structural Engineer

If you have watched the news over the last few months, chances are you have seen devastating images from multiple areas affected by natural disasters, from hurricanes to earthquakes and floods. In the past, engineers from our team have witnessed the...

The Client’s Corner: Matchbox Realty

One of the best parts about our job as engineers is getting to work with people from different disciplines and various industries every day. While our tagline—“WE DO THE MATH”—is true, it takes a lot more than that to make a project successful. We prioritize open...

Striking the Balance of Safety and Cost with Communication

As structural engineers, many of our projects are focused on assisting with new construction – buildings being designed and built from the ground up. There is another side to the job though. Structural engineers are also called in to evaluate a building after it has...

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