One of the best parts about our job as engineers is getting to work with people from different disciplines and various industries every day. While our tagline—“WE DO THE MATH”—is true, it takes a lot more than that to make a project successful. We prioritize open communication and collaboration with clients no matter what the project entails, from historic restorations to plant expansions.

Our blog series The Client’s Corner features some of our past projects from the client’s perspective. What was it like working with structural engineers? How did the project turn out? We wanted to find out what they thought, and we’re sharing their responses in this series.

In this edition, we talked to Barry Kelley, CEO of Matchbox Realty, to tell us about his experience working with Engineering Solutions.

Tell us a little bit about what do you do and how it involves structural engineers.
Kelley: Our team develops mostly mixed-use buildings in urban areas. Many of our projects over the last 10 years have been historical properties.
What are some of the recent projects that Engineering Solutions has been involved with?
Kelley: Presently we are designing a four-story mixed-use building on an existing raised slab. We just completed a five-story historic remodeling of a 1907 building.
There are plenty of structural engineering firms. What made you choose Engineering Solutions?
Kelley: We have worked with other structural engineers over the years. We keep coming back to Engineering Solutions mainly because their team treated our project as a priority. In addition, they are always open to look for multiple solutions to an issue. We have come to depend on this relationship.
Which of your projects would you say is most significant?
Kelley: Each of our projects are significant to us. Engineering Solutions approached them the same way we have. They are part of the team, which we have found indispensable.
Would you say your projects with Engineering Solutions have been successful?
Kelley: Historical projects always end up with unknown challenges – no footers, poor sub surface, undersized existing structural elements, etc. Despite these challenges, each has had a positive outcome.
Sound structures are one part of a successful project, but teamwork is another. How was your experience working with the team?
They always answer when we call. They always come when we need them. They always find a way forward without breaking the bank.
What’s one thing people should know before working with structural engineers?
These are salt of the earth good people. They just happen to be smart as well.
Thank you, Barry! Before we go, anything else you want to share?
To build successful buildings, your life will be much better if you find people you not only like but who truly enjoy what they do. With Engineering Solutions, we have been successful.

Thank you Barry and Matchbox Realty for participating in our series! We hope you enjoyed the second edition of The Client’s Corner. Stay tuned for more!

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